Our Elite Services

We pride ourselves on the level of expertise in self-performing any earthwork, pipeline, aggragate transportation, or road maintenance project. We understand the importance of safe, reliable and professional service. Whether it’s grading, scraping, pipeline or material moving work, we make sure our customers’ projects meet their maximum potential. Take a look below to check out our wide range of services.

Earthwork Construction

From conception to completion, our entire team makes our clients’ needs a priority. Our fleet of heavy equipment and experienced operators are ready to provide you with a variety of time-proven and cutting edge earthwork solutions, no matter the size and scale of the job. ​Strategically based in Rock Springs Wyoming, we serve a wide geographic range extending throughout Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and North and South Dakota.

Pipeline Construction For Oil and Gas work

We've successfully tackled a wide variety of projects up to 24" in diameter including steel, HDPE, composite pipe materials. We've worked in all types of terrain from the loamy topsoil and precipitous slopes of the Rocky Mountains, and the frozen terrain of North Dakota. Our typical oil and gas pipeline projects range from 4" to 24 " in diameter and lengths of a few miles to manning multiple simultaneous 100+ mile spreads. Our construction services provide you with the long-lasting, safe and reliable pipelines that move energy across the United States. Our safety mindset and reliable attention to detail, from conception to completion, is what builds our strong and loyal relationships with clients. Our team has many years of experience and time-proven and cutting edge technology that keeps us ahead of the game.

Pipeline Facility Maintenance

Pipeline Facility and Maintenance

Our Pre In-Line Inspection Services include: Site prep, fabrication and installation of launchers, receivers and valve settings. We install both temporary or permanent launchers and receivers. We perform Pipe section isolation, stopple fittings or temporary valve installation. Our Post In-Line Inspection Services include: Anomaly verification digs, Weldover sleeves, split sleeves, A&B. Additionally, we provide removal of existing coating to investigate anomalies, Pipe replacement, and recoating. We will perform hydrostatic testing.

Aggragate Transportation

We work to understand the transportation needs of our customers, in order to develop and execute a plan to most efficiently meet those needs. Through our experience and blend of equipment, we are able to provide excellent solutions in a variety of aggregate shipping situations. Our fleet of trucks include: belly dumps, side dumps, lowboys, and flatbeds. As evidenced by our more than 50 years in business, we believe in building lasting relationships with our customers. We take great pride in providing safe, reliable and professional service for our customers.

Road Maintenance

Reliable Snow Removal Service

The snow looks beautiful, but it causes stress and headaches when it comes to its removal. Removing snow without professional help can cause minor and major accidents and form injury. Also, for homeowners, it becomes a tedious job to get rid of the entire snow around their home. Therefore, hiring professional snow removal services is the best option for your personal and commercial properties. Our Team uses advanced and effective equipment to expedite the snow removal process. Whether it be a record snowfall or just the usual one that you get yearly, Pitt’s experts will provide you safe, reliable and professional service for any snowfall event.

Road Rehabilitation

Our road rehabilitation consists of structural enhancements that extend the service life of an existing pavement and/or improve its load carrying capacity. Some of these enhancements include using magnesium chloride to improve a roads risk profile. Magnesium Chloride gets to work acting as a barrier on the road surface to eliminate ice. There is very little residue left over from Magnesium Chloride ice melt products, and it is safe if it accidentally comes into contact with you during application. Our time-proven rehabilitation techniques also include restoration treatments and structural overlays.

Water Trucks

If you are looking for water truck services for in the oil field or your property’s road and parking lot, we can help. Pitt Construction's Water Truck Services offers a range of services for everything from dust control using a special magnesium chloride application, to road compaction. No matter how much water you are looking to have delivered, there is no job too big or too small for our team to handle. Pitt Construction understands how crucial it is to provide each of our clients with safe, efficient, and reliable water delivery solutions. All of our water truck services are backed by over 40 years in the industry and are performed by our highly trained safe reliable and professional drivers who strive to provide our clients with exceptional service every time.

Company Owned Gravel Pits

Pitt Construciton has been serving customers in Wyoming for over 50 years. When you own a gravel pit, you don't merely produce and sell a commodity, you provide an affordable, long-lasting surface material for driveways, walking paths, parking areas, and rural roads. We continue working hard to maintain the reputation of supplying quality products and services that you can count on.


Servicing the Western United States

Terry R. Pitt Construction Inc. is positioned to provide services throughout the Western United States.  Specific areas of work include our home state of Wyoming, and then the surrounding areas of Colorado, and North Dakota.  

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