Truck drivers stranded had a hot meal thanks to local businesses

Pitt Construction, a leading construction company based in Rock Springs, Wyoming, with the help of local trucking companies Fullmer Trucking, and CHM AC Express, came together to feed hundreds of stranded semi-truck drivers, amid winter conditions in the region.

Parts of Interstate 80 and other major roads were closed over most of the weekend because of the dangerous travel conditions, local media reported. 

The United States is hugely dependent on truck drivers. Data shows that trucking moves 71% of all the freight in America. Add to the fact that we are in the middle of the busiest shopping season of year, and many of the drivers are away from their families during the Christmas season, an opportunity to serve others had surfaced. 

Shoni Roundy, Safety Manager at Pitt Construction said that after years of association with the trucking industry, she understands the negative impacts of major snow storms, and state-wide road closures have on fellow drivers.  Drivers would begin gathering in truck parking spots across Sweetwater County for possibly days, with some spots far away from critical amenities. That’s when Roundy spotted several stranded drivers.

After hearing about the plight of the stuck truckers sitting idle in the Sweetwater Events Complex parking area, some who hadn’t had a hot meal for several days, Roundy began organizing her team and preparing the food. “I saw what was happening and we took action”, stated Roundy.   

Afterwards, with help from members of the Pitt Construction team, Fullmer Trucking, and CHM AC Express, the group delivered hot breakfast and dinner meals over the weekend, feeding everyone in the parking area. “It was beautiful to watch”, said Roundy. 

Late Sunday evening, Wyoming transportation officials were finally able to begin opening portions of the interstate to commercial vehicles.